Design brief. stage 1

13 Oct

Moving out or living at home as a student

Nikoleta V Megan



Megan – The remaining 20% of students live at home during University, which can save money on rent, insurance and utility bills.

Nikoleta – Money should not get in the way of your decision of whether to live at home or move out as the government provides loads, grants and bursaries.

Megan – You will still have to pay back all the loans.

Nikoleta – If your family home is far from your university you will have to spend money on trains, petrol and busses so you still have to spend money on travel costs, therefor it might not necessarily be that cheap after all. 

Megan – It will still be cheaper travelling to University than paying bills and rent for your accommodation.

Nikoleta – living at home with your family might/will stop you getting the full experience of student life.

Megan – There will be no temptations to go out and party.

Nikoleta – Moving out allows you to get your own space, no family to get in your way or tell you what to do.

Megan – It can be good to have your parents around to get different opinions from and help and guidance.

Nikoleta – You can always travel home for the weekend or on holidays. But if you can’t wait till the weekend you can phone your friends and family or even better Skype J

Megan – You are organized by you parents at home, so there are fewer things to think about doing like food shopping or washing. This gives you more time to do your work.

Nikoleta- Moving out during university years allows you to be independent from an early age; you arrange your own timetable and life style.

Megan – Travelling can be a way to relax after a hectic day.

Nikoleta – If you live at home and far from your university traveling can get tiring and by the time you get home after university you will most probably be too tired to study or do any work.

Nikoleta- If you are luck and find a house near your university you can go home in between lectured or in breaks.

Nikoleta- No family around you to argue with, annoy you or cause distractions.

Nikoleta- Living near university or on campus allows you to be close to other students that are in the same situation as you. You could study together and get help from one another and get influenced to work hard.


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