Final battle for typography

19 Oct

 25cm-25cm live at home or move out as a student

Final Piece


 My Partner Megan Worked on the Left and i myslef worked on the Right hand side

I wanted my side to represent moving out of home as a university student and living either alone, with friends or at a university accommodation. I thought about it and researched many typography artists and came to the decision I wanted my side to look messy, overlapping, colorful and smudged. From there I started on the experimenting and the making.

The heading of my side “student” is written in swirly writing to make it eye catching and attractive, I was influenced to do this by the typography artist Stefano Buffoni who creates lots of colorful and beautiful work.

Example of Stefano Buffoni’s work:

I chose to use post it notes as it always helps me personally. As a student I always have to remember stuff and as I don’t have my parents around to remind me of what I need to do or important dates etc I find myself using post it notes for reminders, I spoke to a few other students and they agreed that they also use post it notes now more than before so I thought I should include that in my final piece.

As I looked through my research and notes I realized I couldn’t include everything in my half of the square so i thought about a sentence or words I could use to represent moving out and the positive outcome compared to living at home as a student. Thinking through it all I chose to include “less travel more Skype” as being a student is not about traveling every day and if you miss your family you can always Skype. I wanted to keep it short and snappy and I think “less travel more Skype” got the point across. I chose to write this in different fonts and colors to keep it interesting. Once finished I noticed my style was similar to Alan Fletcher’s style of work. Although this was not intentional I think it works very well and I find Alan Fletcher to be very talented.

Example of Alan Fletcher’s work:


From there I thought my work was still too neat for the impression I was trying to give so I then went on to researching Craig Ward who is a well-known typographer. I was most influenced by the “ink and water don’t mix” design. Having researched and looked at different designs I went on to experimenting trying a similar idea but with different techniques and different pens and colored water etc to get the best result. I found that by putting water on the paper first then writing on top, the ink smudged more rather than writing first and then adding water as I found the water washed away the ink more.I chose to write “Independence” in the water and smudged ink style as that is one of the main changes when moving out of the family home. Whether you are a student or not most people become more independent and look after themselves more.

Example of Craig Ward’s work:

I drew patterns on my side of the square to fill any white space. I wanted my work to be full of color and excitement without any blank space. For the same reason I used patterned paper in the background, this to me looks good and replaces most of the white space on my side.

Feedback/ Group critique

 Our feedback was mainly about the fact that our square did not look messy or neat but it portrayed creative and academic more. Having done this experiment and looked at the final square all together i think i would agree with the comments we got from our class mates. Another idea that was given to me and my working partner Megan was that we could have something that explains the point of the whole square, Perhaps a heading that links my side and Megan’s side to bring it together and show that although we are on opposite sides the subject relates and i personally strongly agree with this and will take this onboard for the following tasks.


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