IPP: What’s You’r Concept 1

15 Nov

For this project we formed a design collective with our class mates. I chose to work with Charlotte, Lisa and Tarena. I think this is a good mix as we all have different main subjects and have something different to bring to the table, for example Charlotte is a web designer where as I myself specialize in Photoshop etc. Our task is to produce a piece of brand communication for delivery on a website that explains the core values of our ‘design collective’ and the ways in which we work. We can produce a short video, animation, website or other forms may be appropriate if agreed with our tutor.

Research and Examples:

0:00 to 1:44

This is an example of what I think is a good concept for a hotel ad. From the beginning of the video to 1:44 it interacts with the viewer and keeps us interested. Although at first it is not clear of what they are trying to get across the concept itself I think is  interesting.  This is something to consider with my group. The main ideas does not have to be clear at first, it has to keep the views interested and then we can show our values.

This video is an example of other peoples values and how they get the idea across and express themselves. Although me and my design collectives have agreed we do not want to make a video for out project I think it is important to research in to different things to get ideas and influences.


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