ITPP: What’s you’r concept 2

15 Nov

In this morning’s group meeting myself charlotte and Lisa came up with a few ideas and got planning. We started off by thinking about our personal values and how we could bring them in to make it a group value rather than it being personal to us and after talking it over we all agreed and came up with the following:






Our mission statment:

Our mission  is to efficiently develop and product unique, high quality designs in collaboration with you to give customer satisfaction.’

The values included in our mission statement are:





 customer satisfaction


Once we sorted out our values we thought about the way in which we could present them for example a posted, video, web site etc. We all agreed that a posted was not enough for this project and we wanted to be more creative so we agreed to go along with a video.    

We researched in to music videos, company videos, YouTube videos and adverts and realized adverts and music video are more creative and catchy so we went from there and looked at the cold play video. It is very creative and it drawers the viewer in wanting to watch more and more. Having talked to my group this is something we would like to achieve at the end of this project. A creative, fun and interesting video that tells people what we have to offer and our core values.

This is an example friends of mine made a few years back and reminded me of this project.

 I really like this idea and I think we can do something similar to this but make it relate to our project.

From there we got an idea about wearing t-shirts with our actual values on the shirts and wearing one shirt on top of another, wearing more and more shirts. I think this idea would be funny and would get our values across.

 Here are similar examples that have been done before:




To add to this and make the values stand out more we thought about creating a cartoon character for each of the values, for example one of our main values is knowledge so we want to produce a cute cartoon character to represent knowledge, example this could be a character with glasses to look smart.  Although at the moment we are all working as a group for the ideas we are later going to divide our rolls to make the project easier. As an Art and Design college student, myself and my group decided I should take the role of designing the cartoon characters.


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