Gutenburg Economics

16 Nov

Knowledge is power.

Francis Bacon 1561- 1626


Professional armies, castle obsolete, allowed indigenous population to be easily beaten, allowed naval warfare, required taxation, and effectively made normal citizens seem weaker in comparison.  



The compass

Navigation, discovery of new lands, growing awareness of the world, international trade, naval trade> naval warfare, increased profits for companies- mercantilism



The printing press

The spread of knowledge, cheap books, loss of control by the church, mass communication, anonymous communication, newspapers, political pamphlets, literature, revolution, democracy.



Gunpowder= Military might

The compass= Exploration

The printing press= Communication

Building knowledge, understanding, persuading.


The printing press was a technology that helped spread the word of god. It allowed opinions and knowledge to travel and persuade. It was rhetorical.

Printing presses were seized and carefully monitored. The church and government controlled and regulated their output.


Martin Luthor


“Why does not the pope, who’s wealth is today greater than the wealth of the richest Crassus, build his own basilica of St. Peters with his own money rather than the money of poor believers?”

With what he believed Luther went mainstream and produced entertaining junk. More prolific and more scandal. In effect Luther created a counter culture press.

Luther’s use of the press exposed flaws with the things that the Catholic Church were persuading people were true, Their Rhetoric.  

The church broke into various schisms at interpreted the bible differently – each with their own rhetorics and ideologies.


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