Context: Ideas for Rhetorics essay

18 Nov

What are the rhetorics of a specific piece of media of your choice and what forms do its persuasion arguments take? This is the question for my assignment and I thought the best way to start this would be to search a piece of media I find influential.

I started off by thinking about adverts that are on our television every day and how they influence people weather successful or not.

paco rabanne 1 million commercial

This advert is trying to get the message across that if you buy their product, in this case their perfume, you will be successful at a click of a finger, you will gain power, money, looks, women, sexy and cars.

Britney, pink, beyonce and Enrique Pepsi advert.


Dove advert:



From the moment the advert starts its persuading and drawing the views in to this advert as it starts of by using the term ‘real women’. This immediately tells us there will be no fake imagery of photoshoped or size 0 models increasing the target audience and making the advert feel more real rather than a script being read out by a size 0 girl. Also the fact that all 6 women liked the product makes us the audience think it must be good. The fact that only one woman chose to wear a longer shirt but then she justifies it by saying ‘I just prefer the t-shirt’ shows that you can use this product with any shirt or top and still be comfortable.


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