‘The Creative Corner’ Promotional Video

7 Dec

the crative corner




 Looking back on this project I would say it has been fun as me and my group Lisa Twist and Charlotte Wood have been very creative in making out final promotional video. Although it was a very long process I enjoyed taking the stock images in the photography studio.

Working in a group was good for this specific project as all three of us girls contributed and split our roles to make it an easier and faster process. My role in the group was mainly working on photoshop as we had made a mistake when taking the photographs I then had the duty of photoshopping 150-200 images. This took up most my day but we did not fall behind on our schedule as whilst I was on photoshop, Lisa was using the other images to upload on flash and Charlotte was designing the logo.

If we could do this project again I would have tried to learn how to use Flash as I find that my weak point however as I wanted to get as much work done as possible we thought it would be best to leave flash to Lisa as she had better skills when it comes to Flash and I work best on Photoshop so it would work out best of we stick to what we are good at. Same thing applies to Charlotte; she is a web design student there for she was in charge of the web site mock up.




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