8 Dec

Over all I enjoyed this project. It challenged me as I needed to improve my illustrator skills and I think now I have completed this assignment I feel much more confident on illustrator, and having learnt most of the short cuts I can say I work much faster than when I first started using it.  What I found most difficult was linking the quotes together. I tried to organize the words in a subtle way so at first the viewer can only see the main quote but when getting closer to the image the other quotes will be apparent.  To do this I made the font a similar color to the background color to make it blend in and in some fonts I reduced the fill level to make it less transparent. I chose to use ‘Felix titling’ regular font and ‘Franklin Gothic book’ regular font as I think this type looks academic rather than for example ‘freestyle script’ that’s looks elegant and fancy. The reason to why I wanted this to look academic is to show the educational side of the final piece. My argument was night life as a student, I have shown the night life with the glow text and so therefore I wanted to even it out by showing the educational side of university.

Another problem I came across whilst doing this project was organizing the light paint letters. There were so many of them (144 to be exact) and it took a very long time to cut around them and then organize them all one by one. If I had the change to do this project again I would most probably try to experiment more with the light affects and try to use color filters on the torch to create colored lights rather than just plain white. I like my final piece with the white lights but it would have been nice if I had experimented more to get more ideas and more input.

In the main quote I made a small change, rather than spelling a work the way its spelt I changed it to slang. The original word is ‘your’ but I decided to change that to ‘ur’. I wanted to make this relate to a young audience and the majority of young students text and talk in slang so I want them to look at my work and understand it.

My layout of the pages and the main quote is messy. I did this deliberately as I wanted to enhance the drunken night out look. When going out people tend to drink looking their concentration and losing their clear vision so when looking at my work I wanted to make the viewer feel the effect of a messy drunken night out.

I like the experiments I created on photoshop of the glow fonts  however when I tried them on my final piece I don’t  think it looked good as it then lost the main concept of the overall piece.

Final piece:

Please click on the image below to get a closer in depth understanding.

After lots of experimenting and research I am happy with my final piece shown above. When looking at the final piece from a distance you get the feeling and understanding of the night. I created each letter in the main quote from light painting as I wanted it to look creative and give it a glow to represent the night life. I then introduced more quotes around the main one in the center by linking the quotes together.

The main reason to why I made the surrounding quotes lighter is so the viewer can only see them when looking closely and deeply at the final piece. I wanted to show the academic side of the student life as well as the fun nights out hens why I used the fonts such as ‘Felix font’ and ‘Franklin Gothic’. I thought this is a basic academic font as it’s not too fancy but straight to the point.


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