1 Jan

I went on Behanced to get me started on my research as I was short for ideas, I wanted to look at what other artists have been doing to get me influenced and motivated. Having looked at some of the work on Behanced I can honestly say I pushed myself harder to do as much work as I could to be able to keep up. There is so much competition in the industry so you have to be the best at what you do.  



This is one of my favorite pieces of work I found on deviant art as its symmetrical and eyes catching, It looks as though it has been done on Photoshop or something but when you look very closely it has been drawn in pencil and then gone over in pen. I think this work is very amazing and you can tell the artist has put so much time and effort it to it, time well spent It sure is worth it.

I included this image in on my blog as I like the way in which the artist shows movement. All the lines around it show kayos is merging. I also like the color choice, it gives off a cold vibe.



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