logo research

6 Jan

A logo is a crucial part of a company or design, it  identifies your company in the marketplace. In a quick, visually symbolic way, a logo represents your company to the outside world. Often your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees. It’s your first impression, and I think that’s very important as it can have an effect on the quantity of customers you draw in.

If designed well, your logo will also distinguish you from your competition, providing a way for customers to recognize and select you among other similar businesses. Your logo communicates something about your company. Sometimes direct, and sometimes subtle, every logo says something about the company it represents. What does your logo say about your company? Classy? Trustworthy? Serious? or Unprofessional? Sloppy? Outdated?

The images above are existing logo designs that I collected from the internet. I chose these designs as I thought they are very eye catching and simple.


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