Book Cover ideas

7 Jan

I like the image on the left as its bold colors and its simple, having said that I am not yet finished with the tittle of the book. The other two images, the middle and right hand side are colorful which is the theme I wanted to give off, but at the same time I am not very happy with this. I know with a few more drafts I will find a better design.

Comparing these two designs I think the right hand side one is nicer as the left one reminds me of the Italian flag which is not something I intended to do. Although I like these designs I don’t think they suet my target audience. Also I would want the chance to design my own cover rather than use to Disney character.

Whilst researching and planning I thought that I could perhaps base my jewellery book on something that already exists for example make a book cover for a film. As I wanted to base my book on a party theme I thought that I could maybe base my book on a party themed CD.  Having done research on CD’s that would best suit my book I thought about Hedkandi.

Hedkandi CD covers :



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