Biopower, Detornement, Resistance, Multitude and Tribal consumers

8 Feb

– Biopower

Biopower =

Discipline, Punishment, Law,  Torture etc

“an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations”

It takes the idea of power and control and applies it to the notion of populations as a ‘body’ whose biological existence is regulated and controlled.
A system without an edge, or an outside.

If Biopower is focused with the body of people and regulating it for its better doesn’t that mean that the population has a power?


“turning expressions of the capitalist system against itself.”



‘an unmediated, revolutionary, immanent*, and positive collective social subject which can found a ‘nonmystified’ form of democracy’.
(The Savage Anomaly)
The multitude can be thought of as the body that Biopower acts upon…
ÜWithin the biopolitical environment, where the multitude is unable to confidently identify the lines of influence and domination, who is oppressing or needing opposition, resistance becomes entirely symbolic and abstracted. From this perspective the multitude simultaneously perpetuates the mechanisms of control and represents the power that can undermine them. The multitude thus ultimately maintain and hold the potential to challenge the biopolitical empire, while in turn the biopolitical body equally becomes the source of tensions and joys for those it controls. (Meades, 2012)

-Tribal consumers

‘Today, consumers create services, goods, and experiences, and they participate in the design of many of them, update them, and reconfigure them. Consumers are not mere receivers of companies’ offerings but are said to be active participants in the co-creation, if not hijacking, of company’s strategies.’
Cova, 2010 – From Communal Resistance to Tribal Value Creation
ÜConsumer resistance can be seen as one of the ways in which consumers contribute to the market process: in a very few cases this means that they refuse market ideology, market resources (goods and services) and the market as such.
In the vast majority of cases, resistant consumers interact with the market in a critical way and they are able to co-create new market ideologies, new goods and services and new forms of exchange, transforming the market.

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