X-box 360

11 Feb

Before starting on my recreation of my chosen magazine I thought it would be a good idea to research in to similar magazines to see what is successful and what is not. Although I personally do not read X-box 360 magazines I do appreciate the style and layout of it. I think the choice of color has been selected well and it has a bold clear tittle which is important to make the target audience aware.

Thinking about my magazine cover the one thing I strongly dislike about it is that it has been divided in to sections and it has some poor imagery. Looking at the image above gives me ideas about creating a new logo for the cover; something bold yet simple so when the audience sees it, it will be clear what it is.

Once again I like this layout; it is clear and straight to the point. The title ‘x-box 360’ stands out and the choice of color is good, I like the contrast between the green text and the red car.




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