wireless experiments

25 Feb

I started experimenting with the images above for the front cover for my recreation of my magazine and so far I am happy with the way it’s going however I have realized the images are very metallic rather than electronic which is the look I originally wanted.  Unfortunately I made a small mistake in miss spelling ‘wireless’ in last image but that is beside the point, I was experimenting with different type and different effects on Photoshop to see what I could come up with. I created my own type (on the last image) which I think looks rather good, the type is thin which links well with the theme of the magazine (wires and electronics). Although I like the metal look I think the grey goes not work well as it does not give of the look I want it to, my next step is to experiment with another color for example I think green and white would work well which the whole electronic feel.

YouTube tutorials :


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