Change of plan

28 Feb

Me and my partner Chelsea arranged to meet last Monday but unfortunately she was unable to make it due to other commitments, so we rescheduled for today and once again Chelsea was unable to make it, so we have come to an agreement that it would be best for both of us to work alone. Our original plan was to work alone at first doing research and ideas separately and then once that was done we planned on getting together to mix our ideas and see what we come up with but we found it very difficult getting together due to work and distance.  I feel as though this has set me back slightly as I could have been working on my final designs rather than arranging meetings, however my plan is to continue with the original designs I came up with myself so it should all work out well from here on.

I have continued with the design I started working on. It’s still not complete but I feel as though it’s going well so far.

Typography wise, I like this style so far but I’m not totally sure about the image of the girl, although I personally like it I’m not sure the audience will understand it so realistically I need to experiment more with that.

The image above only shows two out of three of the posters as the third one is still not complete. Looking at them as a set I think the colors work well but I want to change the first one to add a birthday feel into it.


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