More experiments

2 Mar

I was playing around with the logo and taking away the image of the girl and having done this I think I like it better. Although I like the other design I thought people might get slightly confused to why its there and find it unrelated so I having the logo slightly larger with give it that ministry of sound look but the actually poster is different to the other mos posters.  I like the way this poster is starting too look but all I have to do now is make slight changes to it in order to complete it for example the text is not targe enough in some places and there is too much empty space, I want the poster to be full of typography. I could perhaps experiment with curving the text around the logo and see if that works. Also in order to complete the project I have to include the small print that I was advised in each of the three posters which I have not yet done. I am planning on putting the small print on the bottom of the posters as you would find on most ordinary posters.



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