What needs to be included in my essay

5 Mar

What are the methods, justifications and impacts of transgression on the rhetorics of a media of your choice?

  • The meaning of transgression
  • What’s the subject of my essay?
  • Biopower
  • Detournment
  • Resistance
  • Multitude
  • Tribal consumers
  • Consumer resistance
  • Community emanicipation through antagonism
  • Creating value
  • Efficiency


-How are people going against the rhetorical position of a text?
– What ways do they justify these actions? (Why do it?)
– What relationship does this have with the development or long-term security of a text?
– What does it mean to work against rhetoric?
– How do they go against it? Talk about methods:
– Explain what people are doing, how and why they are doing it.


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