Final posters, evaluation and D&AD invoice.

8 Mar

1) Final for D&AD

2) Final for professional oractice

I chose the first set of three posters above as my final three posters for the D&AD brief as I like the final outcome, after experimenting with different typefaces and gradient effects I came to the final conclusion of having different colored backgrounds but all three in the same style and layout to make them look like a collection of posters rather than three separate and completely different posters. Although I considered making all three posters different I wanted to make them match as to me this looks better.

Having sent of my finished pieces to D&AD I wanted to make a few small changes to my posters for professional practice as I was not totally happy with the ones I sent off. Although they are small changes I thought it would be better for me to make the font smaller so the posters don’t look over crowded. Another change I made was rather than having ‘ministry of sound’ at the top, I replaced this with the logo as in the original designs I only had half the logo and for those that don’t know about ‘mos’ would need to see the full logo to know what it is.

I found following the brief quiet interesting as the target audience for the ministry of sound was aimed at young people (18-30 year olds) so I felt I can relate to this making the brief slightly easier, having said that when I first started working on the brief I found the color pallet limiting but this was not a problem for long as I experimented and came up with a color gradient I was finally happy with.

As explained previously on my blog I started working in a group with Chelsea king but getting together was always an issue as we both have very busy schedules. We then both came to the agreement it would be best to then separate and work alone as it would be more convenient, I found this suited me more as I did not waste time making arrangements to meet and keeping up to date with each other. I think this will teach me to consider group work more in the future as although it is good to work with others getting more ideas and talents, it can sometimes be difficult if team members disagree or are unable to make meetings arranged.

In order for me to get inspired and be open minded to new ideas I did lots of research on previous work done over the years for the ministry of sound brief. I found some inspiring work that motivated me to work hard, as well as this I also looked on DeviantArt to see what other deviants have done experimenting with ‘mos’. I found that research really helped me in the development towards my final piece.

The vertical and horizontal lines on the poster were a last minute change as I was playing around trying to make some last minute decisions. Before doing this I thought the poster looked a little too plain and the lines made the poster slightly abstract.

The reason to why I chose to make my posters look the way it does is due to following the brief. The brief specifically stated this is a typography brief for ministry of sound so my initial instinct was to experiment with the type and experiment with the layout. I believe that concentrating on the typography is a strength as the brief was specific on that, however looking back on the project now I think that perhaps I should have thought about it more as once the project was complete I realized the final pieces are not very clear. What I mean by this is that the type was arranged in a way that could be difficult for the intended audience to read. Whilst designing my three posters my intention was to be creative and make the type interesting by making the viewers interact and cooperate more by placing the text on the side; however I now realize this may cause difficulty in understanding the information on the posters.

I chose to change the logo of the first poster (September) to make it more unique and stand out as it’s their 21st birthday. I took in to consideration that making changes to the logo might not be a good idea as it’s their brand however in case there was any confusion about the poster, I added ‘MINISTRY OF SOUND’ clearly at the top of the poster

Problems I came across: One of the main problems I came across during the process of this brief was the final step in submitting my finished pieces. I went on the D&AD website and followed the steps in uploading my posters but first of all my designs would not upload, every time I attempted to upload the posters a post appeared saying ‘error’. This was very frustrating and stressful as I was not sure of what the problem was but once I read my emails I realized D&AD was having technical difficulties. Because of this we were then given an extension for the deadline. Once again I tried uploading my posters on the website but I had problems as I uploaded them but not in one folder as separate assets. I attempted to resolve this problem but was unable so I then phoned D&AD and was told there was a second extension in the deadline as they were once again having technical difficulties. I was however provided with a step by step instruction on how to upload my posters as assets; by following this I was able to complete my submission process.

Over all I would say I am satisfied with my final result as I believ I followed the brief well, I think It was easy to be lead away from following the brief and play around with the logo experimenting with different techniques etc however I followed the brief well by trying my best  to make it a typography poster .

D&AD  Invoice (receipt for the submission) :

DAD14474 (1)


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