New Contents page

15 Apr

Although I liked my other contents page (on previous posts) I thought it was too crowded with too much text, but once I took that text away it looked too empty,  my solution to this was making it a single spread instead of a double.  I really liked the green buttons with the page numbers on so I kept them to keep that mechanical look which also goes well with the robotic image. The reason I didn’t include the whole image is because I felt there was no need for it, I wanted to leave a little imagination for the readers rather than showing them the whole picture.

I think i prefer the 1st contents page but i made this one to experiment and try out a different layout.

This is another experiment i did but im not sure i like it. I think it goes well with the theme im trying to get across but i think the layout does not work, looks a little like a ‘lost cat’ poster or ‘missing persons’ poster :/ not good.

Although i like the layout of the first two designs i created i thought the ‘contents’ font was very boring so once i started experimenting more this is what i came up with :

I would say this is one of my favorite pieces so far and my aim now is to get the other pages to this standard.


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