New contents

18 Apr

I really liked my last contents page (on my previous post) however i thought that the image on there would be better suited as a front cover so the robotic image of the girl has not been moved as a cover and i have created a new contents page as shown below:

I like this contents page much better as it adds more color and its much nicer to look at, i still kept the mechanical look as i think it works well and keeps all the pages in flow, what i mean by this is that when looking at all the pages i have created i think they all have something in common so it looks like they are part of the same magazine which is something iv tried very hard to achieve.

I am very pleased with the way in which this second piece has turned out. I defiantly prefer these two pages than the spread I first created. I am very glad I changed my mind in making a spread as I felt there was not enough information that needed a whole spread, the original contents page in the magazine is only one page. My aim for this was not to change it completely but to take its contents and make it more classy and appealing to a younger audience, I think with the two examples above I have succeeded  this.


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