Organizing everything on InDesign

18 Apr

Having designed all the pages individually I have just put them all on InDesign to arrange what page goes where. I am finding InDesign really usefull at this point as I would have struggles to be so organised without it. When I first started this project I was planning on doing between 10-20 pages and it was going to be based on paper jewellery only but thinking about it I realised instead of having a paper jewellery book I could have a paper crafts book and that will give me the chance to incluse more than just jewellery (plus 20 pages is not much for a book). When I put everything on InDesign that’s when I realised how much I have actually done, including the front and back cover I realized its 69 pages. I am now starting to think that is a little too much but then again I want to include as much as I can within it. I might go back and take out some of my favorite designs bbut will have to see how it goes.


Here are a few screen shot of pages on InDesign :







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