2nd design printscreens

29 Apr

Original image :

I started of my roughly cutting around the image i had chosen, i did not want to spend too much time in using the pen tool and taking my time with this image as i was not 100% sure this was going to be the final image i wanted, i really like this image but i was still searching so i might find an image better suited..The screen shot below shows where i have changed the eyes and eye brows, i wanted to make her look more exotic so i changed the eye color. I used a polka dot background to see what it would look like again other patterns in the background.

I then came to the rescission this image was perfect for the style i was trying to get, i used the pen tool to cut around the image properly, screen show shown below:

I continued working on the eyes, in the original image the eye lashes did not stand out so i worked on that, making it look like she has make up on trying to give it a 50’s look.

I wanted to cover the tattoos on the arms so i selected the color sample took (i) and went over the tattoo:

Tattoo covered, lips,eyes, nails, skin done. along with top changed color.

Close up: i wanted to experiment more with the background to try something new rather than going along with the typical polka dots although i do personally like it.

Here is an almost complete image :

I am happy with the way in which this piece has come along but i am not sure if i should have this background of the blue polka dot background.  decisions decisions.

other alternatives:


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