Step by step

1 May

Having done this experimental piece i can now see what i like and dislike about it, i personally like the dark background as it looks more mysterious but i think the clouds do not look right against a black background.  I am also not so sure about the text, i wanted to give it a hand writing style to make it personal but looking at it now i do not think that looks good :/

I changed the background as an experiment and i do think it looks slightly better, the clouds defiantly  blend in more. I wanted to make it landscape as my 1st piece is portrait so i wanted it to look  different.

My next step from here is to arrange the clouds better and to add more color and excitement to it. I was considering adding a waterfall in it but I’m not sure i want to as whilst researching iv seen it done before, i want to create a unique piece so i will try my best to make it look different. Rather than a waterfall i could include a rainbow or birds flying around which will give in a more magical feel to it. When starting this piece i though the most difficult thing to do would be the clouds but i got past that thanks to a YouTube tutorial i found so i am very relieved i got past that stage.

In this next image i added the rainbow, once again i thought i would struggle with this but rather than get a stock image and cut around it etc, i decided to make my own. I simply used the pen tool to start of with then right clicked and went on stroke bath etc. once that was done i turned down the opacity to 25% as i wanted it to blend in and not take the attraction away from everything else, also rainbows are not that strong , they are slightly see through so i then went on to adding a gaussian blur of 10. This made the rainbow look more realistic and i made it myself without using stock images so that’s even better 🙂

Having experimented making this piece portrait and landscape i have changed my mind again and made it portrait, this might change again as the experiments go on as i keep changing my mind, i think i will have to continue with the experiments and at the end see which one looks better. . .

I am now adding in the clouds, i have made several cloud brushes as i don not want to be using the same one again and again. So Far i am happy with the way this piece is going so i just have to keep this up and i will be fine. In this piece i would say i am most happy with the castle as i managed to find a good clear image and i cur around it using the pen tool which was very easy and it gave the castle a clean look also the clouds, i thought i would struggle to make and orange them but it seems like im getting there slowly.

I experimented adding crows just to see what it looked like, i personally like it as it gives the viewer more to look at and i find it completes the image but the piece itself was meant to look heavenly and people associate crows to be evil/ scary so im not sure using crews is a good idea. .  I cropped this image to get a closer look at the main detail and i am once again having second thought about the whole landscape portrait thing :/

Filling in the gaps with clouds and once again changing it to landscape :/

I think the more i work on this image the more i like it as i keep adding new things to it and i get more and more ideas as i go along where as my other piece (vexel pin up girl) i got the idea and i was happy with it to start of with but the more i looked at it the more i started to notice the small things i didnt like about it as i had looked at it for too long, this piece is the other way round.

New idea !

I was randomly looking back on experiments i did before  (on my blog) and i came up with a new idea , I mixed the two images together,the image of the castle floating in the fair and the castle in the hands: I put the castle on one side as i wanted to try stick to the rule of 3rds.

I think i now prefer this latest idea so i will probably continue working on this 🙂


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