MMRM: Ideas

15 Oct

I went in to my lecture slightly early today so I would have the chance to talk briefly to my lecturer to go over my dissertation question. Once I told her she reminded me that my topic has been done way too many times and she advised me to do something different, more unique but along the same lines as that’s what I am interested in. My initial idea was ‘what effects has digital image manipulation had on the skin care industry’ or something along those lines but my lectured helped me in coming up with something new. Rather than doing manipulation within images I should do manipulation within videos. Most people these days are aware of Photoshoped images in magazines but not many are aware of the manipulations in movies we watch. An Example I was given is keira knightley in the pirates of the Caribbean, the actress has a rather average chest size but in the movie she was manipulated making her breasts bigger than her actual size. The actress had a few spots on her face during the process of making the movie and again her face was manipulated editing out her flows. Having thought about this I am not considering changing my dissertation question and making it about manipulation within films instead as I believe people are less aware of it.


From this point i will do further research into this subject to see what else i can find and go from there.


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