what is authorship

15 Oct

What is Authorship?

1. An author, creator, producer of work
2. Source of origin
3. The act of creating work
4. The act of initiating a new idea / theory or writing
5. To make, grow, originate, promote and increase
6. Originate or give an existence to anything, an inventor, constructor
or founder

What makes you an author?
1. You are the originator / creator of your design career and practice
2. You produce work
3. You are the producer of your own content
4. You write the brief that comes from your own research, interest,
background, influences, culture and society

Why is this important?
Authorship is defined on this course as the writing of your practice,
documenting your progression and evolution. This is important because
through this you are looking to understand your creative position and
personal philosophy of design.

– What are the possibilities for design practices today?

– Can you create an environment where personal and professional
ambitions are achieved?

– Consider alternative strategies of communication through direct and
indirect means

– Explore the role and responsibilities of designers

– How do you educate your clients, who are your clients, your audience?


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