How to get a job- where to start ??

18 Oct

Before you can begin:

you need to understand:

  1. yourself: your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses;
  2. your work: its nature, style, and variety; and
  3. the job market: corporations, design offices, and the wide variety of other businesses that employ graphic designers. Then you can get ready to present yourself and your


Create a portfolio:

To create a portfolio select only your best work—the work you are proud of and want to discuss. Bearing in mind that people remember best what is first or last in a sequence, bind together sketches that show your ability to think, to sketch and to brainstorm.


Cover letter/ Résumé/ CV:

this document can be especially important to a design applicant. Your résumé deserves careful typographic design that reflects your type skill and ability.

Remember to give the facts an employer wants to know as well as reliable address and telephone number. It is also a good idea to design and print stationery and business cards for yourself. They provide another opportunity to make an individual design statement. Any designer with whom you interview will appreciate the difficulty of designing this material. Designing for yourself is worse than representing a client; it can be like having an identity crisis


Where would you like to work:

The next step is to identify the design offices, corporations, or individuals with whom you’d like to interview. School placement offices usually have job leads of real value, and they cover the larger organizations that recruit for design positions. Trade magazines and design annuals in your school/University library are also good resources.

If you want to work in a particular geographic location, look for help wanted listings there. Also scan your University’s alumni lists for recent graduates in that city. Call them up and discuss your interests with them. Alumni know people in design and are often willing to help a recent graduate meet them. Looking for a job is a serious networking activity. This may be the first time you network, but it won’t be the last.



Top Ten Websites to Find Graphic Design Jobs

1. Coroflot

Corflot hosts over 80,000 graphic design portfolios and currently has over 700 job listings. Jobs are organized into a variety of design related categories. You can even subscribe to their job listing rss feed and get personalized job alerts!

2. Behance

The Behance job board is new, but growing fast so be sure to check their listings before the competition gets even rougher! I’ve seen some hidden gems hiding in their graphic design job board.

3. Authentic Jobs

Authentic jobs lists hot new graphic design jobs every week, both full-time and part-time.

4. AIGA Design Jobs

The AIGA’s reputation speaks for itself and its design jobs section is a great place to find some amazing job opportunities. Many large and well respected companies look for new and or experienced designers here.

5. Krop

Krop is one of the largest and most well known websites to find graphic design jobs. It has been around for a long time and new jobs are listed often by top agencies and design studios.

6. design:related

design:related showcases many great listings, including design management jobs, interactive jobs and many other design jobs requiring varying experience.

7. Freelance Switch

The job board over at freelance switch is another growing job listings website that has a variety of design, development, illustration and flash jobs.

8. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine a large design related blog, also has a job board with design and development jobs. The listings are organized into full-time and freelance positions for easier navigation.

9. Fresh Web Jobs

Fresh Web Jobs tends to lean more towards web design related jobs, but there are jobs for graphic designers on this site and you don’t want to miss any listings!

10. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a great site to check because it shows design job listings from many different websites. It also has filter options so you can easily weed out listings that do not appeal to you


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