MMPM: class notes

22 Oct


  • How are you going to research
  • Clarify methodology
  • Methodology ensure parity and quantity

15 ways of doing research:

1)      Closed questionnaires

2)      Questionnaire via post

3)      Questionnaire via web/ email

4)      Semi-structured reflective interviews

5)      Group interviews

6)      Observe people

7)      Analyse

8)      Test a hypothesis

9)      Randomised control trial

10)   Quasi- experiment

11)   Secondary analysis of data

12)   Textual analysis

13)   Action research

14)   Case study

15)   Triangulated approach

Textual analysis:

  • Media representation
  • Media languages and forms
  • Narrative
  • Genre
  • Institution
  • Audiences

Participant- observation:

  • Comes from social anthropology
  • Observation

An ethnographic approach:

  • Have a setting in mind
  • Record your observations
  • Do Not be bias in any way
  • Identify yourself as a researcher

Case study:  Allows researchers without perceived strict methodology

Principles of ethical research:

  • Research participants must participate in a volunteered way, free from any coercion.
  • Harm to researcher participations must be avoided
  • Research must be designed, reviewed  and undertaken to ensure integrity and quality
  • Confidentiality must be respected

Research resources:

  • E-library
  • The actual library itself
  • Google books
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Google scholar
  • Saga journals online

How to use google scholar :

Academic journals:

A peer reviewer periodical in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published.


Other sourced:

  • YouTube
  • Newspaper archives
  • Web sites
  • Using the library
  • Buying books
  • Buy magazines

Saves online bookmarks:

Quotation manager: Textcite

  • I must remember to save everything as I go along again and again and again!
  • Make sure I document everything!

The issue:

  • The proposal needs to be given a tittle
  • Provide more detail on research, subject, how many etc.
  • Methodology- how will I go about finding my stuff

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