MMRM: Poster information/ details

22 Oct

Research Posters

A visual way of portraying your dissertation proposal.

I have the choice of making one large A2 poster rather than 4 little A4 posters which I think is a much better idea.

I must include the performa sheet given to me previously and I must have around 800 words.

In this poster I have to include the following:

  • Tittle page
  • Table of contents
  • Introductory of chapter
  • Literature review/ background
  • Research methodology
  • Data, analysis and interpretation
  • Summary and conclusion

Here are a few dissertation posters i researched into, they are not necessarily graphic  design based but i wanted to get a basic idea of the layout and style of the posters.

Dissertation posters i do like:

I like this dissertation poster as its very subtly done and clear to real, color is limited and neutral so it does not detract attention from the information on the poster which is most important. The layout is also very well done as it is split in to clear sections, the tittle at the top, introduction, test chip,transistor characterisation and conclusion.

Although this poster does not relate to graphic design I really like the layout of it, its very structured and well presented. The textured grey background works well as its subtly in the back.  It has been split in to sections so its clear to read. also the chosen colors work well with the subject of the poster.



I really like the layout of this one, its nice and neat and also very clear.

Although i would not personally use that color in the background i like the way in which this poster has been done, its very sophisticated, clear and smart.

Dissertation posters i do NOT like:

I think the reason to why i do Not like this is due to the use of color and the fact that  it’s very messy and does not look professional. I like how some sections have been linked together by color co-ordination but this is not how i would want my poster to look like.

I would say this is another bad example of a dissertation poster as its way to much going on, once again this does not look professional, neat or smart. The colors are too in your face and the chosen font is terrible.

I don’t have to say much with this poster, what you see if what you get i guess. the background is so exaggerated and  takes all the attention away from everything else. also the yellow font against that background is too difficult to read.

Things i will try and include and avoid in my dissertation poster:

  • I should have a nice, big and clear tittle/header
  • Remember its more about the information rather than the images
  • Has to look academic, professional and sophisticated
  • Consider limiting color pallet, natural tones.
  • Make it look smart and easy to read.
  • Break it down in to sections rather than huge paragraphs
  • NO huge background images
  • Do NOT get carried away with imagery
  • NO arrows and post it notes all over it. no quirkiness

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