2nd tutorial

24 Oct

So far before this tutorial i have done the following:

  • Researched design agencies
  • Thought about my brand name
  • Started designing logo’s
  • Researched already existing popular brands and the stories behind them.
  • Read books on guides to creating iconic brand identity.
  • Decided on my target audience

Talking to Mary today made me realise i need to take a step back and think more about why my brand is unique and whats different about it, before i start designing logo’s and getting ahead of myself.

I need a Unique Selling Point (USP). Why is my brand better than others, what is so special about it, why am i doing this project. I need to think of a story behind my brand, a narrative. Once this has been done i should then go on to creating a mood board (or a few).

I need to find out what style of branding works for my target audience, and find out what my target audience actually want.


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