Names and Logo’s

24 Oct

Iv been thinking of a name for my bland and i really want my name to be in it some where but i would Not want my brand to be called ‘Nikoleta Gjergji’  -_- First of all its not fashion related and second its a difficult name so the majority of people wont be able to pronounce it or even remember it. I did some research in to my name and found that the name ‘Nikoleta’ means ‘Victorious people’/ ‘people’s victory’ in Greek. This is not exactly what i want to name my brand but its a much better start than Nikoleta Gjergji. Peoples Victory means that whatever was voted on or what every the issue was that the people’s voice was heard and they are the victorious or the winners. I guess this could be related to fashion in the sense that the peoples voices where hear, women want to look good in glamorous clothes and i am here to do just that.

I then went on to thinking about my name visually. i found an online sign language diagram on how to spell my name:

Iv been looking at some ‘N.G’ logos that already exist, just so i can see whats already out there and see what i like and dislike:

I came across these and i now know what i DEFINITELY don’t want as my logos. When thinking about logos i tent to agree that the black and white logos look more classy but in my case i want my designs and styles to look glamorous and colorful as well as classy so I’m not sure i will stick with a black and white logo. I want to go out of the box and do something new.

Whilst researching for logos that i might like i came across a brand that already exists and it has my name in it, Nikki strange :

Having thought about these sensibilities i have come to the conclusion that i will name my brand ‘MARINA’ which is my middle name. i was thinking perhaps Marina Moda which is another word for fashion (so in other words Marina fashion) This could change as i proceed in the project but i think for now i will leave it as: Marina Moda.

Here are a few logos i designed to get me started :

My favorite designs so fare are, the first logo on the first page and the first logo on the second page. Having done this i have realised that perhaps ‘Marina Moda’ does not sound right, so i was thinking of making a slight change to ‘Marina Mode’






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