Proposal Poster idea.

4 Nov

Whilst filling in my performa sheet i was researching in to advertisements, i knew i wanted to do something to do with Photo manipulation as that’s something i want to do in the future, so i thought i would keep it relevant enable  for me to one day look back and find this dissertation useful for future career opportunities.

‘Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s PhotoShop’. i got that from a make up advert by Maybelline only in the original advertisement it says ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline’

I find Maybelline advertisements are a triple threat, they hire some of the most beautiful models, they wear make up and they are airbrushed. But the thing that i believe to be most harmful is the PhotoShoping. Even the most beautiful models have the odd spot or wrinkle that even make up can not cover but Photoshop can. Real women need to know that its ok not to be perfect.

Banned advertisements for excessive airbrushing:

My tutor (Sharri) advised me to pick another topic as photo manipulation has been done too many times and i do agree with that, however i feel that in order for my dissertation to help me in future careers i have to stick with manipulation as that’s what i find most interesting. I want a career working with models, in the fashion industry and make up advertisements so i feel as though i should keep it relevant.

I have a tutorial with Sharri tomorrow so i will be going over my dissertation proposal to see what she thinks.


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