Colour pallet

10 Nov

I have been thinking of colours and to match my theme i have come to the conclusion i want to base it around Pink and Turquoise.  I think these are bright, girly and eye catching witch goes well with the style i am trying to get across. Having gone back and taken another look at my mood boards, i realised that most of the colours on there were different shades of pink, greens, blues and  turquoise shades along with some whites so i guess the colour scheme has already been decided for me 🙂

The following images have been researching and collected from the internet. They are all based around my pink and turquoise colour scheme.


The colour pallet above is similar to what i am looking for, i like the second, third and fourth colour tones but not so keen on the first and the fifth.


I really like the colour tones shown below. The three tones work well together and the grey makes it more subtle so its not a crazy over the top in your face tone.

The  colour scheme above is almost perfect. I think it perhaps needs one other colour to make it complete (not sure what the other colour should be, but maybe a subtle light tone)


This is an image i took from my mood/inspiration board. i love these tones. I think i will be sticking to this for the creation on my brand.




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