DP: Lecture Notes

17 Nov

* Have a portfolio ready.Know what you do best (niche) and have examples.

*  Figure out how much you want to charge per hour or job.

*Tell everyone who you are and what you do.


* Make connections- in person and online.

Website and blog:

*Make it easy to find, show how you work, what you are wirking on.

Run a DM compaign (direct mail)

Do some pro bono work

*Stay busy and sharpen your design skills. Give back to the community. Get a foot in the door.

* Establish expectations at the very beginning of the relationship- contract

*Create freedom in the creative process.

*you are doing them a favor.

local printers and design firms:

*most print houses and design firms only keep minimal detail.

Local businesses:

*Bring a portfolio of your work

*Do NOT tell them how bad their designs/logos are!

*Most dont know where to start- let them know how you can help.

Be prepared:

*lots of people dont know what you can do.

*Show examples and explain

*Be honest

*Say thank you and show gratitude even if you dont get the job. (maybe make a thank you card so they have your details for next time 😉  )


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