DP: Types of Proposal

24 Nov

Types of proposal

•Client background. A sentence to make them feel loved

•Project Goals. This is where you essentially regurgitate what you’ve heard the client say and/or what you’ve been able to dig up about them online, or know from your experience with them. This shows how much time you’ve invested and how well you’ve  listened

Key Elements of a Proposal Project Recommendations

•Recommendations. Share your initial thoughts in relation to the brief. List some ideas and recommendations with the client = demonstration of thought & professionalism


Key Elements of a Proposal Fees

•Fee Summary. Different elements broken down into separate costs. Design and development are separate
•Fee Schedule. How you choose to be paid can vary according to the client. General rule is in thirds for large projects. Smaller projects may be half and half or all upon completion.


Key Elements of a Proposal Project Timeline

•Dates and actions. Demonstrate your organisational skills. and capacity to do the task
•Keep these realistic and aim in your head to meet them a little ahead of schedule
•Everything takes longer than you think


Key Elements of a Proposal Selling yourself

•Who you are. Your background and achievements
•What you can do for the client. Your experience and specialties relating to the brief
•Why they should choose you. The value that you bring, why the client should choose you



•Contact them a week later to check they have received it
•Ask for their timeline on making a decision
•Respect the fact that they may be talking to other people too – don’t be too pushy


Pricing Guidelines

• Learn about the company (size)
•Ask about their budget
•Itemise the tasks
•Estimate your time for each part
•Work out your hourly rate
•Calculate then run it past someone else for a reality check



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