fashion calendars

19 Jan

Originally my self and my team mate Charlotte thought about doing a fashion calendar for Very which was a way of offering advice and fashion guidance to the target audience based on different seasons and events. i did some research on different styles of calendars and fashion calendars to see what ideas i could get from them.

images (1)

I considered perhaps having something similar to the image above, but make it more in the style of Very by using their typography and their fashion and colour scheme but i do not think this is very creative. Even if on the side of the calendar there was fashion tips and advice i still don’t think we are challenging ourselves much.


A similar idea with the calendar but we could have something for the desk. The target audience are 25-44 year old women who are family orientated so it is unlikely for them to want a guide to fashion calendar up on their wall so i thought if it was something that could sit on their desk or their dressing table that they could use from time to time it would be more helpful. This could also fold up so it would be easy to take with you whilst shopping and as it has shopping tips it would be very useful when shopping for that all important outfit. As well as this the calendars can have spare pages for space to write notes or to do lists and so on.

Although i like these ideas i still think we need to step out of the box and come up with something new.


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