Diary appearance and questions for Kate

24 Jan

Appearance of the diary:

* The diary MUST have the logo on the front! i think its important for everyone to know this is a ‘Very’ special diary!

* The diary should be in an A5/ A6 size, this will be big enough to have plenty of space for style tips and personal notes and small enough to fit in a woman’s handbag ūüėÄ

*It could be bright pink (the ‘Very’ shade of pink)

*On the cover have the three Very celebs (Holly willoughby, Ferne Cotton+ Jameela Jamily) stylishly posing (I dont like this option but its an idea).

*The customer could have the choice of selecting a personal image to have printed on the front. (I don’t personally like this idea as its going off topic too much and taking attention of Very, but its a thought).

*we would use the Very font (which is in the brand bible) throughout the diary

*Very like to get lots of colour across so obviously to make our diary match the Very style we would also use lots of colour to add excitement.

*The diary should be small enough to fit into a ladies handbag and big enough to be able to fit all the fashion advice a woman needs and space to write her own notes in it ūüėČ

* The diary is based on Very so it is important the Very personality comes across- we can do this by making the diary- fashion savvy, playful, sassy, inspiring, spirited and straight talking.

*Very uses boarders around their brand bible and so we could incorporate this in to our diary. Its a great way to link it all in!

Questions to ask Kate (lecturer) tomorrow:

*Where do we get the images from, Very has not specified what images we should use and they have not included any images in the production pack provided- all they have included is the Brand bible, the original logo’s and information. Would this mean we have to provide our own images as examples ?

*For the final piece can we produce something as a team and split our rolls, and then write a separate evaluation clearly stating what rolls we took. (Obviously research and ideas will be separate but come together as a team and produce ONE final piece/selection)


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