More Ideas

24 Jan

Today me and my team mate Charlotte met up to go over thought and ideas, we talked over previous  ideas as well as get new ones.

1) First idea was the calendar idea that i have explained in previous posts, the calendar can show tips and advice on whats hot and whats not etc.

2) Create different billboard designs based on the month and season with ‘Very’ fashion. This would be shown all over the UK so its a good way to get the message out there for everyone to see. This is also a way to inspire women to go online a buy the items they see on billboards.

3) Once a month  get the latest updates by post or email for the latest new tips for that season. fashion guidelines can be found online to help customers find perfect clothes for them based around their body shapes and sizes.

4) Very can provide a Television show, special showing once a month based on that months trends and must haves. This can be a one hour special giving you all the advice you need. This would make women understand how to mix and match clothes well and at the same time its a good way of advertising new products on television. People are more likely to watch a program and relax whilst watching it than they are reading through a new catalogue  that comes through the post every month (i think). This show can be presented by the Very celebs – Holly Willoughby, Ferne Cotton or Jameela Jamil  (or all three).

5) Like Ann Summers and Avon, Very can have a new way of getting the products across. Very can have women from the general public organise  parties and events where they sell clothes to their friends and make a living out of it. This makes the brand more commercial and the brand will be more well knows based on word of mouth, tell your friends kinda thing.

6) Very can provide goody bags/ gift bags for special occasions such as easter, birthdays, valentines, Christmas etc and advertise it online or the info can be emailed to the customers who have signed up. This will be a good way to save time for as you can do this in the comfort of your own home and will save time on looking for the right gift as Very can recommend which gift bag to get for which event/ occasion.


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