Personalized Fashion Diary- questions

2 Feb

Questions for Diary:

Personal Details:



Date of birth:


Male/ Female:

Relationship status:

If in a relationship, Partner’s name:

Partners date of birth:


If yes:

How many:

Male or female:

Names of children:

Children’s date of birth:


Do you celebrate any of these events? Please tick boxes:

  • New years
  • Chines new year
  • Pancake day- shrove Tuesday
  • Valentine’s day
  • St David’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • St Patrick’s day
  • Easter
  • April fool’s day
  • St Georges day
  • Father’s day
  • Independence day
  • Harvest festival
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire night
  • Guy fawke’s night
  • Thanks giving
  • St Andrews
  • Christmas

Are there any other events you celebrate? If so what are when?

Friends and family:

Any friends and family who’s birthdays you celebrate:

Option to make your own list with friends and families birthdays…


Body shape:

Click on the body image shape you believe you are:

. . .


Hair colour- option to choose from images or tick a box (should have an option for those who dye their hair ofter)

Skin tone- pick from list

Eye colour- pick from the list

Height- petite, tall etc- pick from the list

Favorite colour- pick from the list below (have the option of picking more than one colour)

(The diary should base a page or two around what would suit each personal customer based on their hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, height and shape).

Favorite brand or designer:

Pick from the list. (Option of picking a few rather than just one)

Celebrity inspiration, if any:

-Fearne Cotton

– Holly Willoughby

– Jameela Jamil

Hobbies and sports:

Pick from the list (option of picking more than one, and option of adding your own to the list)

Although this seems like a lot of questions, we have narrowed it down to the most important ones so that consumers wont be spending hours in front of the computer applying for this diary (target audience being busy women, they wont have time for  that). We have made it so that most of the questions have available boxes to tick or images to click on rather than type, this will have a lot of time!


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