Questionnaire and feedback

15 Feb

The link to our questionnaire:

Although Charlotte made the actuall online questionaire/ survey i helped with the questions and ideas as well as writing the data protection act:

The information which you give will be used for the following purposes:
• To create a personalised Very style diary based around you.
• The address given within the questionnaire will allow our Very team to delivery your personal style diary to the correct address.
• The dates of birth given within the questionnaire will allow us to print reminders of birthdays and personalised dates.
• This allows us to make your diary that little bit more special and unique to you.

All dates and information will be confidential and will not be accessed by anyone other than the Very team in order to personalise the perfect customised diary for you. The information you provide will only be kept until the diary is produced and all details will be deleted for your security straight after the diary is completely finalised. You do not have to answer all the questions but please bare in mine the more you do answer the more personal the diary will be to you and your life style. For more information feel free to contact our team at:

Some of the feedback we got from Kate (Lecturer):

Some questions need to have a “Prefer not to say” option e.g. Q3, Q6, Q8

Q2 can be eliminated – you are leaving people vulnerable (Data Protection again)

You need to check carefully about Data Protection on children’s details – I think you may be on very dodgy ground here – try asking Rebecca for help – is she doesn’t know then I am guessing that she can point you to someone who does.

Q16 – Confusing

Q18 – favourite colours for what? Wearing/looking at/eating???

Q20 – Needs Other (please specify) and None as options

Why are some questions asterisked?*

Having reflected upon the feedback, me and Charlotte have made all the questions optional apart fron name and address which are mandatory for obvious reasons (The diary is personal to each customer so its useful to have basic information such as name and age, althogh age is not a mandatory question, and address for delivery)

Question 16, we have agreed that there should be a page in the diary based on the customers body shape so inorder to know what advice we give them, we first need to know what body shape they are.

Question 20, there are only three celebs that represent Very, there are no other options apart from ‘none of the above’…. This question is not mandatory so it does not have to be answered.


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