Initial ideas

1 Mar

Having agreed on who is working in the group and who is not we all arranged a meeting to clarify what we are doing. once we came to the final decision on making a publication/ book we agreed on a name for the book, target audience, concept, size of book and content.

James A thought of a catchy name for the book which is ‘why we hate to love design’. This book is targeted at other design students or designers who possibly in the same situation as us. We love design but there are a few processes in design that are frustrating and annoying. This book can also include how to over come the frustrations in the process.

For our next meeting we agreed we would all come in with some new ideas or notes so i made a few brain storms to share with the group:


I chose to focus on Photo manipulation so i did a separate brain storm for what i love it.

DSC05122And why i dislike it, i didnt want to say i hate it as its perhaps too strong to say i hate design, we wouldn’t want for our target audience to think we hate it, so i have mainly focused on why we perhaps find difficult in the process or what we dislike. this list is not very long luckily.


A few things others mentioned in the group meeting:

Why i love design:

  • The freedom of being a student
  • Open briefs
  • Design is everywhere
  • Universal language
  • Variety of mediums
  • People trust good design

Why i hate design:

  • people expect students to work for little money
  • Expensive as a student to get InDesign, PhotoShop (Equipment) etc.
  • Typography over used
  • As a design student, bad design is more recognised than before studying the subject
  •  People copy and imitate good design and in most cases destroy the original image

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