Binding options for Our Very Personalised Diary

7 Mar

I have spoken with my team mate Charlotte and we have both agreed the perfect binding is the best option for our Very personalised style diary. Obviously if Very was to use our designs and concept they would have the choice of using what ever binding styles they prefer but as the designers myself and Charlotte both think this style of binding works best for the diary we have designed and it also looks very professional.


Although we have considered different styles of binding, we think that if we were to use the rings (not sure what they are called) as shown in the image below, the pages would be easy to rip out, this is not something we want!


We have come to the decision to make our diary A6 in size we have to also consider the appearance of it.

images (9)

Here are some good examples of how we want the diary to look like:


The difference between our diary and an ordinary diary is our diary will have so much more than calendar pages through out, it will include fashion tips and much more. Also the outside of the diary will be in Very pink and will have the Very logo on the outside.

The example below is something similar to how myself and Charlotte want out personalised style diary to look like:



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