Literature book cover based on a quote.

18 Mar

The quote we were all gives is :

“The soul is the clinamen of the body. It is how it falls, and what makes it fall in with other bodies. The soul is its gravity. This tendency for certain bodies to fall in with other is what constitutes a world.”

I have never come across this quote before and some of the words included in it such as, Clinamen i do not understand so my best bet it to do as much research as possible and then come to a conclusion of what this quote means.

I found that the quote above is from Franco Berardi’s book The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy(Semiotex


print screen

They would fall straight down through the depth of void, like drops of rain.

Here are a few images that i researched based on what i thought the quote meant:





Having done a little research on the meaning behind the quote, where its from and who its written by, i made an attempt in making a book cover based around the quote. This is what i produced:


I started this task by researching  the meaning of ‘Clinamen’. i found that Clinamen is the Latin name Lucretius gave to the unpredictable swerve of atoms, in the atomistic doctrine of Epicurus. To represent the clinamen of the body i included the swerves in my book cover.

The skulls represent the souls falling down. The quote states “This tendency for certain bodies to fall with other bodies constitutes a word.” I wanted to include this in my book cover so i made the world the main focus of the cover.


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