Mini Task For Easter Egg

25 Mar

In Fridays lecture we were asked to design an Easter egg (or something similar) Based on Howletts Zoo. We were given the option on working alone or in pairs so i chose to work with my class mate Charlotte. Although our initial idea was to design an Easter egg, i wanted to try something different and push myself with the concept a little more. I thought rather than just provide consumers with a product, we could provide an activity pack that helps consumers (children) learn as well as get what they want (chocolate/ Easter eggs). To do this i thought of different activities and ways of decorating eggs etc.

Our Easter Adventure Activity Pack consists of the following:

  • Decorating pens
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Animal shaped molds
  • Net /tights
  • Instruction books
  • box/ packaging

I remembered something i had seen on the internet once and so i wanted to incorporate that in:





I thought this would be fun and very educational. In order to keep it related to the Howletts Zoo, i though the leaves and plans the children collect can be taken from the Zoo and that way they can also learn what animals eat by looking at different plants etc. This idea is also nice as it would give children and parents quality time together making and decorating Easter eggs. Pens would also be available in this pack so the children can draw on the eggs once they have their leaf prints on.

The chocolate and animal molds are a way of showing children you can melt chocolate in different shapes and it also links back to the Zoo, once the chocolate has been melted and shaped in the molds they parents could teach the children what each animal is.

Sweets would also be provided in our Easter Adventure Activity Pack therefor children would be able to decorate their animal chocolates with sweets 🙂

Along side all this, a small book would also be included in our activity pack for instructions on how to make the leave print eggs, ideas how to decorate and design the animal chocolate shapes and also advice on health and safety. It is important that children under a specific age are assisted by a parent or guardian !

My team mate Charlotte and i work very well together, i got the idea and the concept for this mini brief and Charlotte designed the packaging based around my concept. I thought it would be nice to have the box with an animal cut out shape in the center so consumers could clearly see what is included in the activity pack and what they would get for their money so the black elephant in this case is a cut out and therefor consumers would be able to see whats inside.

Charlotte chose the name of the product and i agreed as it explains our product very well, she chose to include leaves and grass on the cover to represent the egg and leave prints.


Over all i am very happy with the concept and design of our project as it was very different and unique, wanting to step away from animal Easter egg designs that have been done again and again. Our packaging expresses very well what the concept is and therefor i am also very happy with that. Having been provider with more time we would have liked to do a few things differently suck as, taken more time in the packaging but for the time we had, i believe we made the most of!


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