Book Cover ideas

26 Mar

Having done lots of research for our book cover i came across this image that i really like and i thought we could relate it to our book:


we could produce a cover similar to the example i have provided above, each team member could have a square to design in or include some form of information in and when placed together the book title will be apparent. i like this idea as its a group contribution rather than just one person doing the cover and i think it could look appealing.

Having informed my team mates of this idea i was advised to make a few sketchers to get a better idea of what the cover could look like.

I made these quick examples (and iv just realised the book is called ‘why i Hate to Love design’ NOT ‘why i love to hate design’ so iv made a small mistake ):


DSC05203.. . .

As explained these are just drafts to get a good idea of what the cover could look like. I will forward these to my group and see what they think.

Another book cover idea i had was to combine the words Love and Hate together so i thought about perhaps having one word on one piece of paper and the other word on another piece of paper with the two over lapping and the one of top being ripped in half so the one underneath is also seen. This idea also shows its almost a fight between the two. Iv designed it in PhotoShop quickly so i can show the idea to the group and get feedback but like i said its just a quick mock up:

Love_Hate_Book_Cover 5

Love_Hate_Book_Cover 2

Love_Hate_Book_Cover 4

Here is a slightly neater version of the ripped effect:

Book cover ripped effectHEART HATE 4


So far my two favourite ideas are the one above (love heart image made of the word hate) and the first idea that i was influenced by the book cover. Having thought about it i decided to design a cover with the two ideas put together:

love_hate design_group contribution

I copied sections from the book cover i was inspired by and incorporated it into my design as i did not want to spend too much time creating my own from scratch at this point- if however this design gets selected for the cover, everyone from the group will have to design a few squares and then we will put it together to create something like the piece above. I personally like this idea as it gets everyone involved, the group consists of 11 students and so it would be more fair if everyone took fart in the cover even though its my design. Ideally if someone has drawn up a better design we can still use this concept with their design as long as everyone is a part of it.

Some people may not notice the ‘HATE’ as much as they notice the heart and if this is the case iv experimented using different colours in which the ‘HATE’ side will be made clearer (but personally i like the red/yellow) :

love_hate design_group contribution blue


intersect 2

intersect 3

Love hate book cover

Book Cover 1

The two images below are pretty much the same just in inverse colours, the idea is that its almost like a brain storm with our quotes in the cover, once again like a preview of our quotes before the reader looks insure to see our illustrations.

Love hate book cover brain storm black

Love hate book cover brain storm white

I really like the design below, iv used one of my illustrations as an example but ideally i was thinking of collection a small section of everyone’s illustrations and making in into a collage. Its almost like having a small preview section in the corner.


Having seen a selection of Chloe and Chris’ designs for book covers i though i would take some and combine them with my collage idea (having got permission by both Chris and Chloe to do this of course).my and Chloes idea combined
My and Chris' designs combined

I like these designs but im not convinced and i think we have a lot more designing to do !


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