Extra quote

28 Mar

As well as my three quotes, i made up an extra one whilst thinking about design and how when thinking of new ideas, people usually advise each other to think outside the box meaning step away from the usual things that have perhaps been done before.

My extra quote is:  They say “think outside the box” as a designer I say “what can you do with the box”.

Iv started to illustrate this before i forgot the ideas so here are a few drafts:


(Ignore the spelling mistake :s )

Think outside the box

Think outside the box.

Having thought about it, i have come to the conclusion i will collaborate with a friend of mine with this one, i do not have the time to design an extra illustration for this quote. I remembered a friend of mine (Graphic Design Graduate) showed me a piece they did and having thought about it, it relates to my quote very well.

I spoke to my friend (Lenin Silva) and he was more than happy to contribute his work towards our project:





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