Third quote

4 Apr

My third quote is ‘I love the idea that an image is universally applicable but hate that the message can be interpreted differently by audiences’ but i am thinking of changing this as having thought about it, i do NOT hate that the message can be interpreted differently by audiences, In fact i find it rather intriguing.

So with this in mind i have come to the decision that the quote will be shortened to:

‘A universal language to be interpreted by many different audiences’

Wanting to create a piece that everyone can understand yet interpret in their own way i came up with the idea of a heart with a design in the center and see what everyone thinks about it.
face_heart 2

So far the feedback iv had for this one is:

  •  I see a red heart in which I see two people kissing
  • A heart- the left side has a face and the other side is just a cracked piece.

I thought this first draft was a little easy so i made a few changes to it:

Face_heart 3The Feedback i got for this piece:

  • A broken heart, with a subtle outline of faces.
  • A girl going for a kiss,… it looks almost like she is holding a baby,… trying to kiss the baby…
  • A face in red and face in white
  • I see a broken heart and four faces
  • A broken heart and two people facing different directions, the heart breaking represents the end of a relationship and so the faces/ people are going in their own separate ways/ parting.
  • two faces one kissing another
  • It looks to me like a heart thats torn between two loves, not one thats broken.
  • A broken heart with two faces in the center, one kissing the other’s forehead and the other kissing the neck
  • I see a broken heart and two faces, a man on the top left and a woman under him on the right side. it’s like if they’re looking at each other but they’re on different sides of the heart, like two different and separate sides of the same love though, it’s quite a sad image i think.
  • two ppl facing one another ,on neck aswell and two paralelle faces
  • I see unity because the two pieces overlap info each other, passion because it’s a two people and its red and love because it’s a heart. If I had to turn this into a story I would title it ‘two become one: a tale of true love’

So far i am happy with the feedback i got, overall most people noticed a heart with two faces but some of the feedback had a story behind it which is very interesting. Having thought through everyone’s feedback i think this pieces does what i intended which is for everyone to look at the same image but interpret it in their own way 🙂

I find it very interesting that everyone can be looking at the same image but whilst one person sees a love story of two people kissing another person looks at the same image and sees a couple breaking up and parting whilst another person sees a woman kissing a baby! I love the feedback ! 🙂

Because i really liked the map incorporated in the clouds i thought it would be good to try the that cloud effect with the heart and faces to see how that looks (still needs some work done to it) :

cloud heart 1


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