3 May

YCN – Very Brief Evaluation


Having teamed up with my class mate Charlotte wood we both came to an agreement to pick the Very brief. This was best suited to us as the brief involved fashion and so we would enjoy the process yet it was challenging as the brief required something new.

Myself and Charlotte started this project by reading the brief carefully and highlighting key words such as the Very personality, their mission and the creative challenge, from there we started researching existing markets and platforms such as advertisements, catalogues, phone apps, Facebook and Twitter pages and much more. Our challenge was to create something new so we then started making brain storms gathering as much ideas as possible. Having done this we then referred back to the brief eliminating any ideas that did not relate to the brief.

Myself and Charlotte both made a timeline that would be suitable for both of us in order to stay on track and not fall behind. We made sure work was always done at least one day in advance just in case we came across any difficulties.

We arranged regular meetings every Thursday which was convenient for both of us and having Design Practice lectures the next day so we could go over our ideas with our lecturer Kate.

Having narrowed down ideas, myself and Charlotte both agreed that the best solution for this brief was the personalised fashion diary as this is something Very have not done before so it’s a new category for them and also this is a great way to display fashion throughout the year as Very specified in the brief. Having come to this conclusion we both went away and designed mock up page layouts, designs and colour schemes ready for our next meeting in which, we narrowed down the style for our personalised fashion diary. Once this stage was complete we split roles by making lists of what we should each do before our next Thursday meeting. This was a great way to avoid us both making the same design layouts and to ensure we are both working equally as hard as each other. We constantly emailed work to each other to make sure our designs were relatively similar regarding colour, typeface, font sizes and border sizes.

Although the brief states we must not exceed fix colours for print (unless we have a valid reason) we decided that Very is a colourful brand and having looked at their brand bible we both agreed that it was important to get the Very personality across in our diary, we did this by using lots of colour, same typeface and we used a playful/ fun tone of voice as specified in the brief.

Having completed our designs we had a group meeting bringing everything together, although we were both satisfied with our work we wanted to make sure our target audience (women aged 25-44) would also relate and love our designs and ideas. We made a short questionnaire asking specific questions about our layouts, colour choice and diary size. We printed these out as well as emailed them to the relevant target audience. In order to be fair with our feedback we went to Westwood cross and asked women who seem to fit our target audience for feedback and advice in how we could improve our diary. Having planned our time efficiently we made sure we would have a few days to make alterations if required based on consumer feedback.

Over all I am very happy with our final product as I believe it fulfilled the brief requirements in producing something new and exciting for the Very customers.  I feel that myself and Charlotte make a great team as we planned ahead and were always organised, having regular meetings and emailing work to each other to get feedback. We have both been very open minded throughout this project and so I feel a mixture of our ideas has made this project very successfu


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