Process and final work

3 May

Our team consists of two members Charlotte Wood and Nikoleta Gjergji. We have been working together from concept through to completion of the project arranging regular meetings and splitting tasks.


The creative challenge is to devise a campaign or concept that decodes key style events throughout the year being perfect, relevant advice and style tips.



In order to fulfill this creative brief we decided to design a personalized fashion diary being unique to each customer. We believe this is a suitable solution in order to decode fashion styles throughout the year.

The target audience being women aged 25-44, we have based the diary around each personal consumer. Very provide products for men, children and house hold items therefore we wanted to include a variety of products throughout our designs having each layout based around a calendar month, colour and events which each customer has included upon the online Very questionnaire.

As the creative challenge asked ‘to inform and surprise our lovely customers with something amazing once a month’ this is where our inspiration for the Very fashion diary came from.

We took into consideration the importance of displaying a range of products such as home ware, men’s fashion, children’s clothes, perfumes and accessories as well as women’s fashion.



As included within the Very brand bible when informing the customer on style guidance we have kept in mind the tone of voice and the personality of Very by keeping in fashion savvy, playful and sassy, as defined within the brief.

To gain wider research we looked at Very’s website as well as their Facebook page, Twitter, Mobile Phone app, YouTube videos and television advertisements.



Each month layout will be displayed as a double page spread at the start of each new calendar month. These spreads will be based around our colour chart and particular events based around that month, due to information given within the questionnaire. Each diary will essentially be unique to each customer, due to the information supplied from the questionnaire.



The online Very questionnaire is used for each customer to apply for a personalised diary by including their own, family and friends personal details if wanted. These details can include information such as Birthdays, calendar celebrations, anniversaries and other if necessary. In the questionnaire we have considered the data protection act, there for only name and address is applicable for the customer. This questionnaire also gives the customer the option of including body shape, hair colour, celebrity inspiration as well as favorite brand.

This questionnaire is available at:



Although we have exceeded six colours for print, we feel that this is justified through aspects of the design within the brand bible, it is clear that Very are a colourful brand therefore having portrayed a variety of colours throughout our designs. These colours are shown through the borders within the layouts as to not overwhelm the page with colour whilst showing Very’s border preference.

For the cover of the diary we have decided to use the ‘Very pink’ combined with the white Very logo with tagline and URL. We feel this makes the product stand out for customer recognition.


Experimental designs:

We decided to create an A6 personalised fashion diary, unique for each Very customer. In order to decode the ‘Very reveals the style that works for you’ we have designed each calendar month within the diary based on each customers lifestyle and personal details such as birthdays and celebrations e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter. Each month will have its own colour based on our colour chart (rainbow colour chart).


Final product:

Having experimented with different page layouts, we have come to the conclusion that splitting a page spread into four days will give customers plenty of space for notes, with the alteration of a three-day layout dedicating a full-page for notes on a special event day, such as a birthday.

As included within the questionnaire, we have made each diary personal to each customer by giving them style guidance based on their body shape and hair colour. This may help the target audience by giving them that little bit of guidance when needed, due to busy lifestyles.

To help consumers with inspiration and style guidance, we have included the option of three celebrity layouts as well as body shape and hair colour.

Based on the consumer’s questionnaire entry, there is an option of having a gift suggestions page for him, alongside with the option of choosing your favorite brand.

In order to link the calendar months with events throughout the year we have displayed  a range of products that the consumer might want to purchase for example for Valentine’s day.

The diary can include birthday reminders if the consumer choses to in the questionnaire.

All artwork included within our designs were taken from and the project pack supplied.

In conclusion, our idea of the personalised fashion diary could in future expand as an app or online social diary which could include forms of social networking. Overall, we feel that the Very diary reveals the style that works for each unique customer.


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