14 May


Having looked over the brief I thought working in a group, would be a good opportunity as we could create an end of year project together, which would be a great ending to our time together as students.


Having come to the conclusion to which quotes I wanted to illustrate, I thought it would be a good idea to see what has already been done, so I researched on Pinterest to find some exciting work. I believe research made me very determined and inspired me to do well and work hard in this project, having seen what other designers have illustrated made me what to do the same!

Job roles:

In one of our group meeting we decided to split roles to make sure everyone had an equal part to do, this I believe was successful as everyone went away and got on with what they had to do yet at the same time we all felt (I felt) we could easily contact each other for opinions, feedback and help.

Along with Chloe and Chris, my role was branding. The three of us used facebook as an easy way of communicating. We illustrated many book cover designs and sent them to one another getting feedback and mixing ideas together before presenting them to the rest of the team. We had lots of positive and critical feedback in which we then went back and made more changes in order to finalise the cover design. Although the three of us had this role, James Sparks designed a cover as an example that everyone was keen on, we then all agreed that would be the front cover as it was the most simplistic and sleek design.


Having narrowed down everyone’s job roles, we had to find a suitable solution for everyone to stay in contact, especially over Easter, we have set up Contemporary Graphic Design group on Facebook so only group members are part of it and we are the only people who can see what each other posts. We have found this to be very useful so far as we all get notifications/emails when someone posts something on the group page.

As well as this, Chloe has kindly set up an email address for us all to share. This will be a good way of receiving content from other students and we will all be able to access which is very important! Using the same email address, a Dropbox account has also been set up for everyone to upload their designs and quotes as well as contributor’s designs and quotes. We have also signed up on Pintrest where we can pin images to our group board. This is helpful and inspirational as we can post images to give us ideas about our book. We can post anything from colour scheme ideas to fonts and layout examples


The only weakness i noticed in this project was that some team members did not attend most meetings and therefore had to be contacted and updated on changed. I believe obstacles like this will always happen when working in a group it’s just a matter of working round it. Also i couldn’t help but notice some peoples work was not at a high standard as the rest, my solution to this is help and advice them on how to improve their illustration/s.

My final illustrations:

Over all I am very pleased with my final illustrations and I am very glad all of them went in the book. If I could do this project again I would spend longer on a quote that I had in mind but did not follow through, having said that if I had followed that through my final illustrations may have suffered the consequences as time was limited and I wanted to perhaps take on more than I can handle.

Over all final product/ book:

I am very happy with the final book, I think it looks amazing and I am very glad I chose to be in the group project. This is a great piece to keep for future interviews and a good memory of my time at university.


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