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Final layouts

29 Apr

For some reason the green has gone extra bright on my blog but the images themselves are not that shade in the final magazine :/ weird . .

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My print out versions of this are much clearer and the same goes for the final submissions through blackboard.¬†Unfortunately once i went to collect my final prints from Nigel i realized one print out was missing. My news section was missing but it was too late for me to do anything about it. I do not know what the problem was but perhaps i forgot to include it on my USB when handing it in to print ūüė¶ I did however include it in the final submission on blackboard so i hope this will not affect my grade.


Changes to the long feature

18 Apr


A few minor changes were made to this feature since the last post but i think they have made a big difference. I started of by adding a green ‘A’ on the last page as i wanted to connect it to the feature more, when i first started this feature the last page was very boring with just a white back and black text but i think adding the green gives it that extra thing it was missing. I chose green through out to keep in touch with the mechanical feel i was going for and i have done this through out the magazine. I think its important for all the pages to look as though they belong in the same magazine and are consistent. The second change i made was again in the last page, originally i made three columns and the tittle and head tittle but that looked very boring so i then added the bottom to split the page a little bit and included a picture to made it more interesting rather than having just text. I would say now that i have made these changes the last page is actually my favorite.

New contents

18 Apr

I really liked my last contents page (on my previous post) however i thought that the image on there would be better suited as a front cover so the robotic image of the girl has not been moved as a cover and i have created a new contents page as shown below:

I like this contents page much better as it adds more color and its much nicer to look at, i still kept the mechanical look as i think it works well and keeps all the pages in flow, what i mean by this is that when looking at all the pages i have created i think they all have something in common so it looks like they are part of the same magazine which is something iv tried very hard to achieve.

I am very pleased with the way in which this second piece has turned out. I defiantly prefer these two pages than the spread I first created. I am very glad I changed my mind in making a spread as I felt there was not enough information that needed a whole spread, the original contents page in the magazine is only one page. My aim for this was not to change it completely but to take its contents and make it more classy and appealing to a younger audience, I think with the two examples above I have succeeded  this.

Magazine covers

17 Apr

These are my three ideas for my front covers, i selected these images from DeviantArt and the original artist is Dean Samed. ¬†I emailed Dean to ask¬†permission¬†for me to use these images and he very kindly agreed. I am very happy with these images as they give of the exact theme i was aiming for, i wanted to show an electric, robotic mechanical kind of look and i think these images help do that. My personal favorite is the first one as it looks like the more classy version of the original ‘wireless’ magazine and thats what i was aiming to do in redesigning the magazine.

All pages need a few changed to be made before they are finished. In the first layout i wanted to experiment trying something new, rather than having text on each side and having the image right in the center i thought it would look interesting to only have text on one side but now that i have tried this im not sure it looks right. The second image i am also happy with and i think the text works well on each side, at first i was not sure about including the smaller images on the side as they may take the attention away from the main image but i think that by having more than one image the audience/ customers would get a better understanding of what the magazine consists of. I really like the color choice for the third magazine cover, once again i think this looks very classy and stylish. My pain target for this project was to make the magazine appeal to a younger audience and bring it to live as the original was very dull and i think with the help of these three images i am able to reach my target. I have kept the tittle in the same font as i wanted to have a similar font to the original, i want to recreate the magazine not replace it completely so i thought by keeping the font and changing the color and style of it the audience can still recognize it

Original magazine cover :



My check list…Almost Finished.

15 Apr

In the brief we were asked to produce:

  • 3x covers
  • 1x table of content (2single pages or a spread)
  • 1x long feature (5pages or more)
  • 1x short feature (2 or 3 pages)
  • 1x news section ¬†(1 or 2pages)
Here is what I have done so far:

Covers, not yet finished got one more to do and a few changes have to be made to the two below:

Contents page, almost finished, have to change a few things around:

Long feature, almost complete :


Short feature, pretty much finished:

News section, a few more changes have to be made :



New Contents page

15 Apr

Although I liked my other contents page (on previous posts) I thought it was too crowded with too much text, but once I took that text away it looked too empty,  my solution to this was making it a single spread instead of a double.  I really liked the green buttons with the page numbers on so I kept them to keep that mechanical look which also goes well with the robotic image. The reason I didn’t include the whole image is because I felt there was no need for it, I wanted to leave a little imagination for the readers rather than showing them the whole picture.

I think i prefer the 1st contents page but i made this one to experiment and try out a different layout.

This is another experiment i did but im not sure i like it. I think it goes well with the theme im trying to get across but i think the layout does not work, looks a little like a ‘lost cat’ poster or ‘missing persons’ poster :/ not good.

Although i like the layout of the first two designs i created i thought the ‘contents’ font was very boring so once i started experimenting more this is what i came up with :

I would say this is one of my favorite pieces so far and my aim now is to get the other pages to this standard.

So Far

12 Apr

Contents page: 

The images used above are just examples, i will not be using them in the final piece.

Short feature:

Long feature :

News section :

For some reason the green has come up very bright on my blog but the original images created on InDesign are a more subtle green.

Also i made a spelling mistake in the news section, it is meant to say news & products but i made a mistake in the spelling. I have changed this on the actual final piece.